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Arashi for Stream

Arashi Fansubs for Streaming Sites
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arashi for stream;
"we can stream it!"

Welcome to arashiforstream, the livejournal community with English subbed Arashi videos designed for streaming use! Here you'll find subs of streaming quality, anywhere from 85 to 99% complete, done by the stream team. Links will be provided in release posts to videos already being streamed, and also up for download. Downloaded videos can then be uploaded to the streaming site of your choice!

Before joining the community, we ask that you read our intro post and follow a few rules of common courtesy.

All releases are posted members-only, but membership is completely open. Just click the join button and enjoy!

The Stream Team
Translators: aeslis, omnipresentdmat, xplodey_di, zelflame

Quality Checks: nicefinalbeam, ohmyghost, tangiblewhimsy

Timing/Typesetting: loserology, bakushou

Hardsubbing: jackie, gimmick_game

And a special thanks to those who gave permission to use raws! ♥

Intro Post
Project List
Sub Team HQ